The Studio

The studio opened in June 2012 following the conversion of an existing room by Midland Building Services, Bingley.

Studio conversion stage 1Studio Conversion Stage 1

After 2 days the Framework and insulation was in place…

and after 4 days the walls were taking shape and were ready to be plastered.

Studio Stage 2Studio stage 2

12 days after the work began the studio was painted, the carpet was down and everything was ready for the instruments to be put in.

As my students know it has taken some time, and lots of redesigns to get to the point, as we approach it’s first birthday, that the studio is now fully equipped and able to offer tuition on a wide range of instruments.

The Gear


Drum kit is taught on a Yamaha DTExpress IV Special. This is linked, along with an MP3 player, to a laptop which can be used to record sound and video of students playing. This is then used to support my teaching and to record performance to show students and parents how their playing is progressing.


Tuned Percussion is taught on a choice of Adams Soloist instruments; we have a Vibraphone, Xylophone and Marimba and a Premier Glockenspiele so there is lots of variation to the skills you can develop. All of these instruments have been the standard choice for orchestra’s and brass bands for over a decade and provide a professional platform for students to learn on.


There is also an extensive range of Auxiliary, Orchestral and Latin American percussion to learn on from Snare Drum and Clash Cymbals to Tambourine , Bongos or these beautiful Meinl Congas.

endorseefooterADavid uses:

Yamaha Electronic Drums; Premier Percussion Drum Kits; Zildjian Cymbals; Remo Drum Heads; Vic Firth Sticks; Mike Balter and Chalklin Tuned Mallets; Sean Hooper Timpani Sticks; Adams and Premier Tuned Percussion; LP and Grover Auxilliary Percussion; Protection Racket Drum bags; Mushroom Covers Tuned Percussion bags.

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