Finding a Drum Teacher (Part 2)

In part one I wrote about ways to find a drum teacher, but how do you know that the teacher you find is
the best teacher for you

Finding a drum teacher (part 1)

So you’ve decided you need to find a teacher but how do you find the right teacher for you?

In this post I will look at how you can find a teacher in your area.

1. Speak to other drummers.

If you know other drummers who have lessons ask them about their teacher; a recommendation is always a good way to find a teacher.

2. Ask at your local music shop.

Most music shops keep a list of local teachers, and some provide lessons.

3. Search the Internet.

Use search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) to find drum teachers in your area or look at specialist websites such as Drumsense or

If you like this post, or if you have any other ideas about finding a teacher please leave a comment.


What’s it all about?

When I was a teenager I, like most young musicians, wanted to play in a band and live the rock and roll lifestyle.

As I got older I realised that I had a talent for, and enjoyed, teaching Drum Kit and Percussion, so I went to university and qualified as a teacher, safe in the knowledge I could go back to playing at any time.

Since leaving university I have had spells working as a Primary School Teacher, Special Needs Teacher and Peripatetic Instrument teacher by day, while teaching drum kit and percussion in my spare time and playing in amateur and semi-professional music groups covering a wide range of musical styles.

Sometimes juggling my many hats, (parent, husband, school teacher, drum teacher, player and part time Bassett Hound) can be quite a trick, and in this blog I will record some of my days to give a taste of that life, and maybe inspire other drummers to help bring on the next generation of players.