The day has finally arrived for the StickittoMS world record attempt to get the most drummers playing together for 5 minutes.

I dragged myself out of bed, loaded up and headed out. First stop was in Queensbury to collect a student who was also taking part, followed by a short stop for something to eat at a well known chain and then it was a quick drive down the M62 to Eventcity in Manchester.

When we arrived we were greeted by a wall of sound and there were only 200 of the 842 drummers in, time for earplugs!


Should be 400 drummers here now and the room is starting to fill up. Everyone’s been told not to play, which is a good time to rest the era from the earplugs and take a look at the kits.


We’ve just practiced the 4 bar phrase we have to play for the world record. OMG because of sound lag from the other side of the room it sounds like you are our of sync when you are playing correctly. thankfully there is a click with green and red lights to follow.

New Mantra to remember: keep on watching, keep on watching, keep on watching.


3 hours have passed with a mix of practicing the required performance for the world record, playing along to the house band and being entertained by Steve White, Andy Treacy and Russell Gilbrook.


After some more practicing the time finally came for the World record attempt. Two runs through the 5 minute performance of the 4 bar phrase needed. The first with a metronome, the second with Steve White setting the pulse.

Both runs were brilliant and it was announced that we had set a new world record.

All that was left was to pack up and head for home.

What a great day.

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