I think it’s important to add that many of the skills and techniques I use in my playing and teaching have been learnt from books and listening to / watching other drummers.
However, it would not have been possible for me to do this if I hadn’t had lessons from some excellent percussion and drum kit teachers who have all contributed to my style and technique which I constantly evolving.


You’ve got your drum kit and you’ve just realised that playing the drums is not as easy as it looks; so what do you do?
You can either find a drum teacher or have a go at teaching yourself, so which option should you choose?

Why choose The DIY method?

If you search on the Internet you will find a wide choice of teach yourself books and DVDs as well as websites and YouTube videos that will show you how to play.

Books and DVDs can cost a lot less than a drum lesson and many online lessons are free, also you can work on them at your own pace, this is great for busy people who can’t always make a regular time for drum lessons.

This makes self teaching look like a very good way to go but in reality it can, in the long term, be a very…

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