What’s it all about?

When I was a teenager I, like most young musicians, wanted to play in a band and live the rock and roll lifestyle.

As I got older I realised that I had a talent for, and enjoyed, teaching Drum Kit and Percussion, so I went to university and qualified as a teacher, safe in the knowledge I could go back to playing at any time.

Since leaving university I have had spells working as a Primary School Teacher, Special Needs Teacher and Peripatetic Instrument teacher by day, while teaching drum kit and percussion in my spare time and playing in amateur and semi-professional music groups covering a wide range of musical styles.

Sometimes juggling my many hats, (parent, husband, school teacher, drum teacher, player and part time Bassett Hound) can be quite a trick, and in this blog I will record some of my days to give a taste of that life, and maybe inspire other drummers to help bring on the next generation of players.

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